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Missions Practicum

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COURSE:   Mission Practicum
Course Description:
This is a clinical assignment involving travel and participation in a mission project. This course examines the student’s role and participation in a mission trip with emphasis upon the cultural background of the people group and area. Emphasis also upon the biblical, evangelistic, and practical elements involved in this experience.
Course Objectives:
From participation in this project, students should be able to express in written form to their academic advisor the following:
 1. The origination of this mission endeavor.
 2. The preparation necessary for the project and trip.
 3. The training required.
 4. The purpose of the trip.
 5. Those involved and their roles.
 6. The people/group to be reached.
 7. The culture and back ground of the people/group.
 8. History of the area.
 9. History of missions there.
10. Description geographically in respect to the United States.
11. The language, its historical development, and list the dialects.
12. Barriers to reaching the target group. How these barriers can be overcome? 
13. The techniques used to reach the target group.
14. Defend the evangelistic methods used biblically.
15. The evangelistic campaign and explain students role.
16. How the trip affected the student personally ad spiritually.
17. How the student perceives the success of the endeavor.
18. How this trip/ and or project has opened doors for future mission work?
19. The reception or rejection of the Gospel among the target group.
Course Requirements:
The student must type double spaced (New Times Roman #12) a minimum of 40 pages covering all the above 1–19.
Doctoral Level Students Only:
Doctoral level students must in addition to all of the above also obtain a hardbound journal as a mission diary. The student should begin this diary one week prior to departure, during the mission trip and one week upon return recording thoughts, feelings, (describe how you are like the people to whom you ministered) observations, and prayers about the trip. This diary will be submitted to the college for review and returned to the student for keepsake. Tell us in your journal about those on the trip with you and your thoughts about each person (do not give names rather just the letter of their first name such as "C" for Charles or Chuck or Charley).