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COURSE:   Church Growth  
TEXTBOOK:  Wanted: Church Growers   
AUTHOR:   Jerry Vines 
PUBLISHER:   Broadman & Holman
ISBN #: 0-8054-3008-3   
The author of this textbook writes convincingly- about the imperative for God’s churches to reach out corporately; to win the world to Christ. Person by person-and family by family. The truths gleaned from this course may very well accelerate the growth of your church of your church and those around you.
Answer all questions with this syllabus.
Chapter 1
1. Quote Charles Spurgeon at the very beginning.
2. How do groups who claim to have a corner on the power of the Holy Spirit refer to themselves?
3. What is the Holy Spirit?
4. What was Peter’s accusation?
5. Tell how the writer describes the average Christian.
6. What did the brilliant J.B. Philips once note about modern churches?
7. Do some research on your own and list regions and countries where Christianity is outlawed and proclaiming Christ is punishable by death and/or imprisonment.
8. How does he writer describe the meaning of Pentecost?
9. What servant of God is mentioned as a missionary to the Philippines in 1941? And describe what happened to him.
10. What is Boanerges? And why was this name used?
11. What is the greatest cohesive factor for a group of believers?
12. The writer gives one primary reason why the Midianites were conquered by Gideon and his small band of 300 men. What was that reason?
13. Quote A.C. Palmer.
14. Summarize the section entitles “The Miracles of Pentecost.”
15. Every God anointed preacher should key in on what themes according to this writer?
16. Quote Edwin Hatch.
Chapter 2
17. Quote Alexis Carrel.
18. It is the desire of every Bible-believing church to have what?
19. In the Reformation “Melanchthon” said this:
20. What is the “Gnu”? And explain the spiritual metaphor.
21. What is the law of affinity?
22. Describe the various types of affinity as mentioned by the writer.
23. What does the writer say is the evidence of a person being filled with the spirit?
24. Summarize the sections on prayer.
Chapter 3
25. Quote Arthur Cleveland Cox.
26. The effectiveness of the testimony and the witness of a church will largely be dependant on what?
27. The word “Christian” occurs how many times in the New Testament?
28. Mention other terms used for Christians.
29. Describe the matter of the total church.
30. According to the writer what does it mean to be a sacrificial church?
31. List and describe the various nicknames given on pages 59-61. What nickname would you like most to be called?
Chapter 4
32. Quote James T. Draper, Jr.
33. How did J.B. Philips refer to the book of Acts?
34. In a study of the Book of Acts the writer states that you will discover what?
35. What does it mean for a church to be balanced? Explain.
36. The writer describes how not to build a church. List and explain the things he states not to do.
37. Upon what does the writer say a church should be built?
Chapter 5
38. Quote L.R. Scarborough.
39. Saul was alone where for three years?
40. What other Bible figures had gone to this area to be taught of God? Give details.
41. Give the reasons why God gives us periods of solitude.
42. What methods did God use to mold Saul into God’s vessel? Explain.
Chapter 6
43. Quote the unknown author.
44. List and explain the four characteristics of a church that is indeed a church of the helping hand.
Chapter 7
45. Quote John Oxenham.
46. What chapter is the most pivotal chapter in the whole Bible according to the writer?
47. What was the title of Ralph Neighbor’s book?
48. Why do some churches not have the Word?
49. What did the prophet Amos prophesy?
Chapter 8
50. Quote Baily E. Smith.
51. The writer describes in four parts how a church that is Christian is made up. List and summarize those four parts in your own words.
Chapter 9
52. Quote Anne Marriott.
53. Give the Scripture reference and full Scripture where the family of Aquila and Priscilla are found.
54. The name Priscilla was a _____________ name.
55. The name Aquila was a ________________ name.
56. Which name was most prominent?
57. Give a short description of Aquila and Priscilla from pages 150-151.
58. What emperor hated Judaism?
59. List the statistics given by the writer on page 154.
60. What did Paul, Aquila and Priscilla have in common?
61. Explain in detail the type of household Aquila and Priscilla had.
Chapter 10
62. Quote Frederick William Faber.
63. What chapter in the Bible gives great detail about ancient seamanship?
64. What is an agnostic?
65. Compare the similarities and differences between Jonah’s storm, Paul’s storm and the storm on the Sea of Galilee.
66. Explain the three observations made by this writer concerning the voyage of Paul in comparison to the voyage of life (list the 4 anchors mentioned).
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