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Monday, May 20, 2024

Textbook:   Survey of the Old Testament

Author:     Paul N. Benware

Publisher:     Moody Press

Date:     1993

ISBN #:     0-8024-2123-7



The New Testament Scriptures will never be properly understood if the Old Testament Scriptures are a mystery. Many students of the Bible do not have a clear understanding of the pattern, unity, and/or progression of the Old Testament. Many are unsure how events fit together and cannot fully appreciate the doctrines found in the thirty-nine books between Gensis and Malachi. This course is designed to give each student a better understanding and a birds eye view of the historic value of the Old Testament.



In each chapter give the following:

Authorship and date.


Basic Outline (Including Scriptures)

Important Data

Special Considerations


Photo copy or diagram of each chart.