Southern Bible College & Seminary
Monday, October 02, 2023

Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)
Biblical Studies:   
MD-519 Old Testament Studies 4.00 hrs
MD-520 New Testament Studies 4.00 hrs
Historical & Theological Studies:
M-310 Church History 6.00 hrs
M-313 Christian Theology 6.00 hrs
Ministry Studies:
MD-505 Church Administration 4.00 hrs
MD-547 Expository Preaching 4.00 hrs
MD-541 Expository Preaching Workshop 4.00 hrs
MD-507 Christian Worship 4.00 hrs
MD-508 Pastoral Counseling 4.00 hrs
MD-525 Premarital Counseling 4.00 hrs
MD-537 Thanatology 4.00 hrs
MD-314 Ministerial Ethics 4.00 hrs
M-333 Pastoral Leadership 4.00 hrs
MD-509 Missions 4.00 hrs
MD-510 Church Growth 4.00 hrs
MD-511 Evangelism 4.00 hrs
MD-512 Pastoral Visitation 4.00 hrs
Thesis: [assigned subject] 
15,000 Words MLA Style  
New Times Roman typed double spaced
No more that 10 sources
9.00 hrs
Electives   4.00 hrs
Total Required Courses   85.00 hrs
Total                                                                                                                85.00