Southern Bible College & Seminary
Friday, December 08, 2023



Southern Bible College & Seminary fully protects the privacy of educational records, SBC establishes the right of students to inspect and review their educational records, and provides guidelines for the correction of inaccurate or misleading data through informal and formal hearings.


The violation of Ethical Standards of the college, or of federal, state, and local laws will result in disciplinary action. This action may range from temporary probation to permanent expulsion from this Institution.  The director of the program of which the student is a participant will be responsible for the initiation of action against the student whom formal charges have been made. Student appeals must be made in writing to the Office of Administration.

GRADE SCALE                     GRADE POINTS

A- 96-100                               Excellent                 4

B- 86-95                                  Good                      3

C- 71-85                                  Average                  2

D- 60-70                                  Poor                        1

F- 0-59                                    Failure                    0

I                                               Incomplete             0

W                                            Withdrew                0


All credit hours with a passing grade are awarded quality points based on the level achieved. Special honors are determined by the student's cumulative grade point average earned at Southern Bible College and Seminary. The student must meet the following GPA standards to receive the special honors listed below:

3.95 - 4.00 - "Summa Cum Laude"

3.75 - 3.94 - "Magna Cum Laude"

3.50 - 3.74 - "Cum Laude

Graduation honors will be noted on the official transcript.


FRESHMAN:                           0-32 Semester credit hours

SOPHOMORE:                       33-64 Semester credit hours

JUNIOR:                                 65-96 Semester credit hours

SENIOR:                                 97-128 Semester credit hours



A - Associate level only

B - Bachelor level courses only

M - Master level courses only

MD - Master and Doctorate level courses only

D - Doctorate level courses only

BMD - Bachelor, Master or Doctorate level



SUMMER                June 1 - August 31

FALL                       September 1 - November 30

WINTER                 December 1 - February 29

SPRING                 March 1 - May 31



Records of progress are maintained by each instructor in the student’s academic file. These status reports are used by instructors and faculty members to communicate with each student as to their grades, progress, and further instructions. Upon completion of each course, students receive an official transcript with their final grade, total number of credits and GPA.


After a period of one semester without academic activity, students will automatically be placed on the inactive list. If there are special and extenuating circumstances, students must make their request in writing to their instructor. Merely ceasing to submit assignments does not constitute withdrawal. Neither does it relieve the student of his/her financial obligations to the school. Tuition payments must be made within each month for students to remain active. There is a $75.00 reactivation fee for all students who become inactive.


This Institution administers its programs and activities, including admission, without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, handicap, or veteran status  (Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex).


These are designed on an individual basis. In most instances, clinical objectives may be achieved in the student's own work or ministry setting. Each instructor or faculty member will assist the student in planning experiences in their own setting to meet the clinical course objectives. Times varies for each clinical course in the chosen program of study based on the level of the student's program. This Institution offers each student the opportunity to meet educational goals in a flexible learning environment. A variety of teaching strategies are used to assist the student in the application of theory to clinical practical situations.


To provide innovative methods for students to reach their educational goals. Southern Bible College and Seminary offers theological training in the areas of Bible knowledge, understanding, and skill development internationally. Race, class, or nationality offers no barrier.


Southern Bible College & Seminary is an institution of higher learning providing traditional and non-traditional theological education and training. Southern Bible College and Seminary exists as a religious school and ministry. Southern Bible College and Seminary is constantly seeking to improve the quality of the school to better meet the needs of its students. Credits or degrees earned from this school do not automatically qualify one to participate in professional licensing examinations in his or her state. Individuals interested in entering regulated professions should contact their local and state licensing boards for complete information. Any person interested in the transferability of credit from Southern Bible College and Seminary to other schools should contact the Admissions Office of that school first. 


ENROLLED: When your application was accepted, processed and you were accepted as a student to the seminary.

FIRST ATT: When student first began working on studies.

LAST ATT: The date or semester period in which student last submitted academic work and/or tuition payments.

TRSFER HRS: Hours that have been transferred from other institutions of higher learning.

OTR CRDT: Any other credit recognized and received by the seminary.

TOT SEM:  This is the total number of semesters in which a student has been actively enrolled in good standing.

TOT CRDT:  This is the total of credit a student has accumulated from earned studies, transfer credits and any other credit recognized and given by the seminary.

CRDT BAL:  This is the total number of credits the student has left in order to complete their course of studies and be eligible for graduation.

DEG RECD: This is the degree in which a student has earned. i.e. BA, B.Th., M.Div., Th.D.

GPA:  This is the student’s grade point average.

GRAD DATE: This reflects the date in which the student graduated.

Q POINTS: The quality points granted by the seminary by which the grade point average is calculated.

MAJOR:  The program of studies you have selected.

STATUS:  Your standing as a student. If you submit academic assignments within the semester period in which they are due and make tuition payments within each month and/or meet all financial arrangements made with the Bursar’s Office the student is considered in good standing. If not the status will reflect INACTIVE or FEES DUE.