Southern Bible College & Seminary
Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Because of generous gifts there are scholarships available periodically.  Students must submit the completed scholarship application to be considered for a scholarship.  These scholarship awards can range from $250.00 to a full paid plan. All contributions to Southern Bible College & Seminary are tax deductible.
The generosity of a network of individual Christians and churches helps students receive quality professional training at a cost much less than that charged by most institutions of higher learning. Southern Bible College & Seminary is a religious school and does not participate in student aid programs administered by the Department of Education nor does it receive any state or federal funding. Accordingly, the College is not able to provide 1098-T tax forms for tuition tax deductions.
Students may make a request in writing to the Bursar's Office to make financial payment arrangements.  There are three payment plan options available through the Bursar's Office.  Plan A: $75.00 per monthPlan B: $125.00 per month. Plan C: $225.00 per month. A charge of $35.00 will be assessed for all returned checks.  All payments and fees must be paid in full prior to graduation. Monthly payment plan participants must submit payment within each month for student to remain active.
Student Loans are not available. We do have three different payment plan options for students to take advantage of through our Bursar's Office.
A student's church, corporation, friends, or relatives may desire to pay some or all plan and fees.  The amount of the payment will be credited to his or her account.  Proper authorization must accompany the payment. Proper authorization is understood to be an official document from a church or corporation stating the person being sponsored and the amount to be credited.  It must be signed by an officer who is not receiving any part of the sponsorship. For sponsorships from individuals, a formal letter is required.
Monies given by other institutions, foundations, organizations, churches, or individuals will be used for the purposes for which they were designated.  A receipt for income tax purposes will be forwarded for all contributions given. All contributions to Southern Bible College & Seminary are tax deductible as allowed by law.
 FEE STRUCTURE      For Financial Questions:
Application Fee    $50.00
SBCS Workshop Fee $125.00
SBCS Seminar Fee         $125.00
Change of Program Fee $75.00
Transcript Fee                                                        $8.00
Textbook Fee Varies
Postage & Handling Varies
Returned Check Fee $55.00
LE Credit N/C
Transfer Credit N/C
Graduation Fee $95.00/125.00
Matriculation Fee N/C
Reactivation Fee $75.00
Southern Bible College & Seminary does not receive any federal funding therefore we do not issue a 1098-T for college tuition. 
 Total Tuition Cost: Excluding Textbooks, Supplies, Seminars, Workshops, Fees, etc...
Associate                                                                                            $4,200.00
Bachelor $5,200.00   
Master $6,000.00     
D.Min. $7,200.00
Th.D. $7,900.00
Ph.D. $8,700.00
 *New students must submit a signed tuition payment agreement form along with their application.