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Tuesday, February 20, 2024
Please check one of the payment plans below for your account and mail or fax the signed agreement back to the college. The Bursar's office must receive payment on your account each month for your account to remain active. There is a fee of $75.00 to be reactivated once a student has become inactive due to non-payment or academic inactivity. If you wish to make any payments to your account other that one of the plans, please use the "pay button" at the bottom of the "tuition payments" page on our web site.
If you have been awarded scholarships or other financial assistance be sure to return the coupons back to the college so that your account will be credited properly. Remember scholarships do expire. If you would like to make other arrangements please contact us via Email at
Check your choice, sign and return this page to the Bursar's office.
 Plan A - $75.00    Monthly
 Plan B - $125.00  Monthly
Plan C - $225.00  Monthly
Tuition does not include textbooks, supplies, and other materials or seminar costs. Other incurred costs will be billed separately and are due upon receipt.
Southern Bible College & Seminary does not receive any federal funding therefore we do not issue a 1098-T for college tuition.
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